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Trillium Property Group is a commercial real estate investment and development group of companies concentrating on identifying high quality commercial and industrial opportunities. We pride ourselves on our boutique management style that allows us to maintain close operating relationships with our clientele providing a flexible and proactive business model. 

Our Expertise

Headed by Ross Fraser, Trillium has been serving high profile clients  since 1996 as an investment advisor for properties throughout Western Canada.  Co-investing, developing, opportunistic acquisitions that fulfill client investment objectives are just part of what we do.

Our Commitment to Results

Trillium creates well rounded investment programs that provide our investors with commercial real estate options, specifically tailored to meet their internal investment objectives.

Our Philosophy

Trillium’s success can be attributed to our assertive but friendly, hands-on management style and to our strategic relationships with independent, compatible enterprises that work with us to create synergies suited to the challenges of individual projects.

Our Experience

Over 25 years, Trillium has worked with several institutional and private investors. We are dedicated to building portfolios of high quality, stable income producing commercial and industrial properties in Western Canadian markets.


The Team

Ross Fraser


Ross is a seasoned real estate professional with over 40 years of diverse experience in commercial property acquisition, development, asset management, valuation, consulting and financing in Western Canadian markets. Ross is both an AACI (retired) with the Appraisal Institute of Canada and a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Alberta. Ross is directly responsible for all of Trillium’s projects, client relations and business development. He is also involved at every level and in every aspect of the business.

Deidra Bliss

Asset Management & Special Projects

Deidra has 30 years of senior level real estate experience with prominent firms such as Edgecomb, Roycom Realty, O&Y Enterprise, Summit REIT and Trillium. A business graduate from the University of New Brunswick, Deidra brings Trillium a depth of knowledge, experience and importantly the quality of good judgment that is extremely valuable to Trillium in handling t individual project responsibilities.

Carole Lee

CMA, Corporate/Operations Controller

Carole has been in the real estate industry for thirty years and has had her CMA designation since 1995. Carole was a corporate controller for O&Y Enterprise for over ten years and managed the accounting department at the same time. Her experience and knowledge of reporting requirements for all levels of real estate accounting is an invaluable asset to our management team.

Heather Davey

Financial Analyst and Leasing Coordinator

Heather joined Trillium in May 2020 to work with us as a financial analyst and leasing coordinator. Her strong mathematical background allowed her to jump right into financial modeling for projects we have underway or are considering. Her strong communication skills have enabled her to work effectively with tenants in our portfolio. Heather has become an integral member of our team.

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